Added Value of Google Ads a Specialist to Business Performance

Working with different businesses an experienced Google Ads consultant will usually have a unique perspective her or she can bring on board. I often find that the input outside of Google Ads is where the biggest opportunities lay. I believe that an experienced Google Ads specialist will have a unique set of skills and sensitivities that can be valuable to businesses and help improve performance across all website channels. It’s in the nature of the job and I’ll aim to explain more in this article.

A Google Ads Specialists’ Unique Perspective

Google Ads consultant view of business marketing performance and how to improve it

Are you looking at me? A different perspective can reveal so much.

Why do I think Google Ads specialists are different from other marketers? We’re not better, we just have a unique perspective that I believe makes PPC managers useful for businesses.

1. Google Ads Management Connection with Business Revenue

Because SEM (search engine marketing) is paid, most business expect Google Ads to deliver a clear and proven return on their investment. Unlike SEOs, who’s magic is in getting organic traffic to a site, getting traffic with Google Ads is relatively simple. We have to deliver. Spent budgets should result in more revenue. As a result, we have to account for all the elements in the user’s journey and make sure your traffic converts and you get a return for your investment.

2. Attuned to User Language and What Makes them Tick

An experienced Google ads specialist will understand user searches

Google Ads specialist train to "listen" to searches and assess relevance.

Most Google Ads appear in search engine results when people type a search term. Google Ads managers regularly review search term data in campaigns. This helps us develop a sense of remote familiarity with prospects, at the critical stage before they become your customers. We don’t know them face-to-face like you might do, but we get to understand what they're thinking when they’re searching for products and services like yours on the internet.

3. Analytics and technical

PPC marketers are number crunchers. We need good working knowledge of analytics, websites and tracking in order to do our job. This means that we’ll often spot issues and opportunities for improvements in other channels too. For example: A business owner recently approached me to manage her Google Ads. When I audited analytics, it was obvious she should be getting more organic traffic. Her organic search could easily grow and reduce over-reliance on PPC.

4. Conversion Rate Optimisation

This is often overlooked by businesses. A small change in your conversion rate can increase your leads and sales from all channels. By improving the user journey and making it clearer and easier for users to take action on the site business can often multiply the amount of enquiries and sales they get, without spending any more on ads.

5. An External Marketing Perspective

As a Google Ads consultant, I often bring a fresh set of eyes and skills most businesses doesn’t have in-house. A good freelance Google Ads manager will work with many businesses and bring insights and learnings. These can be especially valuable for businesses with a small marketing department or no in-house marketers.

All the above are intertwined. The combination of being responsible for conversions, with an understanding of analytics, basic web development and user language can open up huge opportunities for businesses. These insight often affect changes way beyond Google Ads itself or campaign performance.

Examples of Google Ads Consultant's Input on All Website Performance

I will give examples from my own experience, but I am sure many PPC managers have similar examples and experiences. I will keep some details vague for client confidentiality.

1. Changing the User Journey and Conversion Type

After managing Google Ads for a residential property client I felt I understood their user’s experience of their website and where they are dropping off. By removing the need for prospects to choose from hundreds of properties we’ve managed to increase conversions on all channels and deduce CPA (cost per acquisition) by a whopping factor of  x 15! Website users choose a property type and get in touch for more info, allowing the business to interact with them and create a relationship earlier on in their discovery journey.

2. Contact form position

Tracking form submissions with Google Ads

It might seem like a no-brainer, but important elements on your page have to be easily seen by visitors.

Using heatmapping software on a client's site, I was able to prove most website visitors never scroll to the contact form. It was located way below the fold and was simply missed by most users. Also, a call-to-action button at the bottom of the page wasn’t directing people to the form as expected. I am sure the web developers and marketing team thought about this before me, but they didn’t fully understand the effect on conversions. After placing a button clearly above the fold, visible without the need to scroll down, conversion have more than doubled.

3. Building an SEO Content Hub from Converting Search Terms in Google Ads

After managing Google Ads for one of my clients for a while, I had a good list of search terms that convert. From there, we could commission high-quality articles focusing on these keywords. We managed to rank for many of the terms and reduced the client’s need to keep paying for all this traffic. The client still runs Google ads but has around 70 leads per month through organic traffic in off-peak seasons. We’ve managed to reduce their Google Ads budget from around £10K per month to £2K in off-peak and £4K in peak season.

Conclusion - How Google Ads Consultants can Help Businesses

1000 Property leads generated with Google Ads PPC

The biggest growth opportunities require meaningful changes to several marketing elements. Above: One of our client's increase in leads.

Every good marketer should aspire and make a big difference to the businesses they works with. As a Google Ads consultant, I believe that we’re at the meeting point of many marketing disciplines and techniques. From technical analytics to copyrighting. We bring a plethora of skills and insights. We also have experience from every business we we work with.

Companies that are open to insights and suggestions from PPC managers can increase their revenue from all channels, not only Google Ads.

About me

I’m a Google Ads specialist  and marketing consultant with experience in more than just PPC. I currently handle PPC campaigns spending over £100,000 per month on Ecommerce and lead generation. I like to work closely with business owners and managers to increase mutual learnings, improve performance and make an impact. If you’re looking for an experienced Google Ads consultant, drop me a line and I’ll be glad to learn more about your business and objectives.

PPC Marketer, Google Ads specialist

Odi Caspi - EffectiveMarketing.uk

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