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Expert Google Ads Management & Optimisation

What to Expect When We Manage Your Google Ad Campaigns

  • High Intent Traffic
  • More Leads & Sales
  • Fast Response & Reliable Partners
  • Proactive Approach
  • Scalable to Your Needs
  • Certified Google Partners 
  • +10 Years Google Ads Experience 
  • Holistic Consideration of All Marketing Channels
  • Catch up calls & Clear Reporting
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Google Ads Prices & Advice

15-30 minutes consultation with no obligation. We'll hear about your goals, offer advice and assess if and how can help.
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Why Use Google Ads?

Simply put, Google Ads can deliver fantastic results. We’ve seen our clients generate huge returns, reach new audiences and grow their business with smart use of Google Ads. No marketing channel is a magic pill and we evaluate every business for their potential for success with Google Ads. 

Google Ad Success Examples

Return on investment with Google Ads
High Returns with a Google Ads shopping campaign
Property leads generated with Google Ads
Lead generation with Google Ads
These leads generated more than £2,000,000 revenue for our client.

Are Google Ads Right for You?

We evaluate every business to find what marketing channels would work best for them. If you’re not sure if Google search ads will work for you, here are some factors that we look at to determine the potential for success. 

  • Demand - Are enough people are searching for your products or products like yours? 
  • Budget - You need enough to generate at least 20 clicks a day, without this, it's can be quite slow to optimise and improve performance. 
  • Profits and CPAs - What are your profit margins and what would be a good cost per acquisition for your business. 
  • Capacity - What would be a good number of leads and sales for your business? Are you looking to grow or fill a static need?
  • Correct conversion tracking - This is essential for measuring and improving performance and we can help set this up.  
  • Website conversion rates - Is your website good at converting visitors to leads and customers? Can we help and improve that? 

Google Ads Service Types 

Full Service Google Ads Management

Monthly rolling Google Ads management to continually monitor and optimise your PPC accounts. Our full service Google Ads management includes weekly optimisations, monthly reporting, digital strategy and catch up meetings.
Google Ads consultant in London
Analytics reporting for PPC and SEO

Google Ads Training Services

With over 10 years of Google Ads experience we offer PPC training for individuals and teams. We can train you on everything from Google Ads account build and structure to advanced optimisation techniques. We can start from the very basic or go into advanced techniques. Most of our Google Ads training sessions are conducted over video call with screen sharing.

Google Ads Account Setup & One-Off PPC Projects

We can help you with everything from keyword research to building your Google Ads account with the best structure for easy management and optimisation. We often help clients with conversion tracking setup, including event tracking with Google Tag Manager.
Understand the account structure in Google Ads

Google Ads Account Audits

Advanced, in-depth Google Ads account audits can help find opportunities for improvements. We’ll cast our experienced eyes on your PPC account. Our Google Ads account audits are mostly in video format, we’ll go through your account and analyse the different elements.

"We have been working with Odi and the team for several years now and have had amazing results with our advertising. We've seen a huge increase in enquiries and reduced costs per lead. They have been proactive with their approach and advising on strategy and direction. Their service and dedication is unparalleled and I would highly recommend them to anyone"
Danny Golberg
Director, Brandenbergh Management

Case Studies

Google Ads Prices

*Excludes VAT. Businesses outside the UK don't need to pay VAT
Full PPC Management
from £1000 Per Month
PPC Account Audits
from £800
PPC Training
from £300
One Off Consultation from £300
NewMini Audit £49.99

Who We've Worked With

(We also provide white-label Google Ads management for large agencies. This means we can't share all of client names)
"Odi and his team have been a joy to work with. Aside from massive increase in ROI, they are friendly, knowledgeable and wont stop until they deliver the best possible result we could have hoped for"
Omri Rothschild
General Manager, Bloomsbury Accommodation / Serviced Studios2Let Hotel

Grow Your Business with Google Ads

Share a few details about your project and goals. We'll send you an action plan with suggestions and pricing.

Sometimes, we'll ask to jump on a short call to better understand your business and offer a tailored marketing solution. 
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15-30 minutes consultation with no obligation. We'll hear about your goals, offer advice and assess if and how can help.
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