SEO for Commercial Property Leads

The Challenge

Our client, an office space provider had recently rebranded with a new name and website. Though we often recommend Google Ads for lead generation, we didn't in this case. Costs per click for office rentals in London can reach £50 for a single click. Our client had several buildings but only a handful of offices available at any time. It meant PPC couldn't be their main marketing channel. They’ve also tried Google Ads with a different agency and weren't keen on trying it again. The office rental market is highly competitive and the big players dominate paid and organic search results.


After auditing their business we recommended an SEO content strategy as a main driver of traffic. SEO, though a long-term investment, offered a cost-effective channel for them. We developed a content plan and started producing articles and landing pages.

Digital marketing case study - SEO for commercial property lead generation

Beautiful office spaces. The website, though pretty, lacked commercial elements and did not convert well enough.

Initial Results

We wrote and optimised SEO content and published it on their website. The results were surprisingly quick to follow. Articles soon ranked on the first pages of search results and traffic increased steadily.

While this was an SEO success it still didn’t have the desired impact on the business for two main reasons.

  1. Covid and lockdowns meant that demand for offices was at an all-time low. We couldn’t do much about Covid, so we aligned our content to what we predicted the new post-Covid market would demand.
  2. The website, though pretty, had a really low conversion rate. Conversion rate is really important. It is the percentage of users who enquire out of all website traffic. Because conversion rate  was low, it requered a lot of traffic to generate few leads. Getting more traffic takes time and there is also a limited volume of people searching for the product. If we could improve conversion rates we could generate much more leads with the existing traffic.

Improving The Website and Generating More Leads

We’re not the developers of this site and could only make limited changes to it. During the next few months, we ran tests on changes that would encourage visitors to fill the contact forms. We can’t give much detail on what we did but we can say that we aligned pages to user intent and added commercial elements to the existing design. It was all measured ran as A/B tests.


Through SEO, the client has a stream of traffic and rental enquiries. The don’t have to rely on paid ads. The traffic generates regular enquiries. Lead quality is also very high which is typical of inbound marketing where the customers find you and read your content.

Conversion rates have almost tripled and traffic is constantly growing.

Marketing Case Study: more leads for commercial property company.

Conversion rates have almost tripled thanks to optimisation and testing.

SEO for commercial property

Some of the rankings we've achieved for our clients. The numbers on the right represent the position on the first page of Google UK.

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