New Website Triples Conversion Rates and Generates More Than 1000 Leads

The challenge

Studios2Let.com is one of our longstanding clients. They rent and manage over 400 studio flats in Central, West and North London. Their tenants are typically professionals and students who are new to London and need private accommodation. When Covid hit, travel restrictions caused a sharp drop in demand.


We’ve been in discussions with the clients about ways to improve performance despite the market conditions.

They'd suggested creating new websites for key buildings following the success of Bloomsbury Accommodation, a website we’d created for one of their hotels. We rejected this plan explaining that it wouldn’t give them a real advantage but would take a lot of time to set up and manage.

We eventually suggested a new website dedicated to student accommodation. We chose students, as there is value in meeting their needs with dedicated content and design. With a separate site, we could adapt the product and position it to match student’s expectations. Their current main site had to cater for everyone and had its limitations. A new site would give students a better user experience. We also knew that we can improve and shorten the user journey on the website.


With their existing website, we didn’t have control of appearance or content. We wanted a site that would allow setting up a database of flats and locations, while also allowing for quick changes in the future. We chose a platform with fast load times a lot of options for advanced functionality.

The new site will be an extension of the existing brand. It will be a subdomain that’s connected yet different.



The site was developed and released in under three months. This included the whole concept, written content, design and images. We wanted to capture potential student interest for the next academic year as quickly as possible.

When the website launched, we saw a sharp improvement in performance and user interactions.

  • x 3.65 Increase in conversion rate compared to the existing website (more leads and cheaper costs per lead)
  • + 2m:17s increase in average session duration (the average time users spend on the site)
  • Cost-per-lead on Google Ads reduced to less than 50% compared previous period. The lowest it's ever been
  • More than 1000 rental leads were generated in Sep 2021 with PPC campaigns sending traffic to the new site

The new website has helped Studios2Let bounce back from the effects of Covid with more student enquiries at a much lower cost per lead. This has helped us secure a record number of leads and rentals to fill their properties.

Digital marketing case study - Increase in conversion rates with new website for student accommodation

The new website was launched in May. The blue graph represents conversion rates in comparison to the existing website.

1000 Property leads generated with Google Ads PPC

With improved conversion rates we could drive our Google and Facebook Ad campaigns to generate more than 1000 property enquiry leads per month.

Digital marketing for student accommodation provider

Location pages include all the information a student needs to make an informed decision and enquire.

Property website design and digital marketing

We wanted website visitors to easily find all the information they need. The improved user experience resulted in an x 3.65 increase in enquiries.

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