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What is SEO content and how can it help your business?

Content is the main driver of SEO. Good content helps your users find relevant information. It also helps Google understand what you’re about and as a result rank you. The result is the relevant traffic to your website, increasing with each piece of content. 

So is it just writing? 

SEO content combines researching the topics around your business. Understanding what is the search volume and competition around each term. The writing itself and formatting of pages have to follow certain rules to help Google understand and index them. By interlinking different pieces of content, we can give search engines a clear picture of what your site is about. 

What we do

We grow organic traffic to websites. 

  • SEO content strategy
  • SEO content calendar 
  • SEO content briefs and optimisation
  • SEO content writing 

Who is it for?

While SEO content can be a strong channel in many businesses it is especially useful in the following scenarios. 

  • Prospects take time to research the product or service. 
  • Buying cycles are long. 
  • Costs per acquisition are high and client lifetime value is high. 
  • The product or service solves complex problems
  • Niches where search volume is low and hard to target with PPC. 
  • You want to build trust over multiple touchpoints. 

How much does SEO content cost?

Prices vary, and to an extent can be adjusted depending on the amount of work done each month. Typically, our SEO content retainers start from £800. Unlike PPC services which bring instant results, SEO takes months to bear fruit, but there can be clear signs that it's working. We also offer on-off projects and training.  

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