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You’ve probably found this page while looking to promote a real estate business with PPC campaigns. 

Short for pay-per-click, PPC often refers to Google Ads but also includes other paid marketing channels such as Facebook ads, Youtube ads and Bing Ads. With PPC services for real estate, you can generate traffic and leads with accurate targeting and measurement.

PPC campaigns have an instant effect. Ads usually go live within a few hours and you can start generating high quality, relevant traffic immediately. Read on to learn how PPC ads can help your real estate business.
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How Much Should PPC for Real Estate Cost?

You can set any budget for your PPC campaigns but small budgets don’t always work. We recommend allowing for a minimum of 10 clicks a day, but ideally a lot more.  

How much do clicks cost? 

This does vary depending on competition and niche. We've seen clicks for residential lettings costing between 50p and £3. We've also seen some commercial real estate niches costing £30-£50 a click! The a higher the volume of clicks the quicker you will gather data. This means that we and can optimise the campaigns faster. It often makes sense to spend more in the beginning and get the campaigns delivering faster. 

Campaign Management Costs

Our PPC management costs start at £1000 per month. We also offer hourly consultations and training sessions. 

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When Will I See Results?

Simply put, campaigns can deliver traffic to your website within hours. Of course, it's much best to research and develop a strategy before you start spending.

Optimising a campaign to improve its performance requires time and accumulated performance data. If your business has already run campaigns and you have well configured analytics this will help shorten the optimization period. 

Depending on your existing data we can start generating good conversions sometime between the first week and first 2-3 months. When there isn't much data to work with, it takes longer. When the data is great it can be very fast. We'll be able to advise you on projected times when we audit your account. 


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