Freelance Google Ads Manager

Need help running a Google Ads account? I can help.

I’m a London based freelance Google Ads manager with more than 15 years working on Adwords. 

I am a certified Google partner, I'm qualified in advanced analytics and also general marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

I work with businesses like yours, managing Google Ads accounts to increase conversions, get higher returns for your money and generate revenue. 
Odi Caspi 
Freelance Google Ads Manager

Why Work With Me?

  • An experienced digital marketer collating insights from several businesses and industries
  • I offer clear and transparent communication with custom reports for your business and needs.
  • Fixed fees tailored to your business goals and budgets
  • No long term contracts
  • Monthly catchup calls - Make sure we’re on the same page, understand your business and adapt to changing situations
  • Results, leads and revenue
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About me

I'm a Dad of two, a former musician turned photographer turned digital marketer! I'm based in London and work with UK and international businesses. 

I started with Google Ads (called Adwords back in the day) when it was very new. It seemed like magic. I could appear in front of people when they were looking for my service. It helped me win new clients as a photographer but I wanted to learn more. I got obsessed with marketing and Seth Godin's permission marketing movement. No longer did marketers have to interrupt people's lives with nuisance ads. We could actually show them a solution to their problem exactly when they were looking for them. So began my marketing career. 

I trained with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and also completed Google's own certifications. With these new skills, I started working with different companies on their Google Ads, analytics and websites. Having general wider knowledge comes in handy when working with smaller businesses.

Today, Google Ads management is my bread and butter. I manage PPC campaigns mostly for lead generation. I enjoy marketing medium and small businesses where my work can make a big difference to their growth. 

Besides work you’ll find me spending time with my children, reading, learning, swimming and occasionally picking up a musical instrument. 


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